Welcome to The IT Training Surgery

How many times a day do YOUR staff either call IT or ask a colleague to help with a basic computer related issue?

How much time and money could you save if there was another way?

Let us help you train your employees so they learn what they need to know when they need IT.

Boost productivity. Improve people’s confidence to do the job right. Free more time for higher- priority work.

Ultimately… save time and make your business more money.

We deliver IT Training for you and your people whether it’s PC or MAC, from elementary topics to more advanced support. Premium quality service geared to your needs and budget with a clear focus on ROI for you.

Our fully-qualified trainers deliver expertise in a friendly, fun and engaging way.

Face to Face Training Courses – designed for your staff around particular needs and skill sets – either full or half day

Targeted Training Surgeries – where your staff can pre-book an on-site appointment with our experienced trainers to solve individual IT challenges

Real Time Live Online Courses – Learn by doing without leaving your office

Just a few hours IT Training could make a huge difference to your profits, productivity and employee retention rates.

Call us now to find out how we improve the performance of your staff.

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