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10 facts about Office 365

10 Facts about Office 365PowerTips 365 – 10 facts about Office 365

In this week’s blog instead of a video I thought I would share 10 facts about Office 365. If you are thinking of moving over or upgrading, here is some information that will help.

1. You can use it on-line and offline

a. Synchronise your online folder to your desktop and work on your pc
b. Work in the cloud using Office Web Apps

 2. Work is always up to date

a. When you save your work to OneDrive or SharePoint, you always have access to the most up to date version of that document/spreadsheet/presentation

 3. Private and Shared Areas

Save your documents/spreadsheets/presentations in your personal OneDrive for Business until you are ready to share them with the whole organisation – then save them to SharePoint .

 4. Sharing

You can share documents/spreadsheets/presentations that are stored in your OneDrive for Business folder with other members of your organisation

5. Control

5. When sharing documents via OneDrive for Business you control whether the people you share with have permission to view or edit.

6. Outlook on the Web

Outlook on the Web is the streamlined version of the Outlook you know and love. You can do anything online that you can do on the desktop.

7. Work anywhere

So long as you have an internet connection you can work on documents stored on OneDrive for Business or SharePoint

8. Work on any Device

a. Desktop Computer
b. Tablet Computer
c. Surface
d. iPad
e. Mac
f. Phone – any kind of operating system

9. Reduce the number of document versions flying around

When working on a shared document, it is always up to date and everyone has access to the latest version. No more having to hunt through lots of emails to find which version is which is time consuming and may not be accurate.

10. Co-author documents with team members in other locations.

You can work with others on a report, spreadsheet or presentation. Everyone can work on the document on line and see the other participant’s edits.

I do hope that this information helps when you are thinking of upgrading or switching to Office 365. Remember that The IT Training Surgery can help you make the leap. We can get your staff up to speed using the new capabilities. Give us a call on 020 8203 1774 or drop us an email to


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