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10 Reasons why we recommend Filemaker Pro to our clients

10 Reasons why we recommend Filemaker Pro to our clients

Here are 10 reasons why we recommend Filemaker Pro:-

  • The Filemaker Platform has been around for 20+ years – and new versions of the software are released periodically with new features
  • Filemaker licences can be purchased outright – so there is no need to keep paying ongoing licence / support fees. This helps our clients manage the cost of deployment.
  • There is an extensive online community of Filemaker Developers – so clients can easily get additional support
  • Filemaker allows data to be shared simultaneously between users. Even in this modern age, there are database platforms that do not allow users to access data in this way.
  • We are able to develop bespoke APIs (Application Programmable Interface) so that data can be integrated with other systems e.g  Email and Xero
  • Users can access data remotely – they do not have to be in the same physical location to access the data
  • Filemaker Pro runs on both Apple and Windows Platforms
  • There is a mobile version of Filemaker which allows people to access data on their iPhones and iPads
  • It allows fast development of systems – when compared to languages such as PHP / .net which require significantly more programming time
  • Data can be viewed via a web viewer as well as a Filemaker Client

About the Author:

This blog is brought to you by Kapil Kapur from Fingertips Intelligence ( builds customised database solutions for our clients. Using these systems, our clients are able to make better decisions, so that they can run their businesses more effectively.

We build our systems using the Filemaker Pro (

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