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101 ways to be more productive

101 productivity tipsHere at the IT Training Surgery we take boosting your team’s performance seriously. We help companies get back up to 17 days a year through increased productivity. So we’ve decided to put together productivity tips that will give you back more time to do the things you really enjoy.

When I started to put this post filled with productivity tips together it totalled over 9,000 words! So I’ve listed the tips, and at the bottom of the post there’s a free download where the tips are expanded upon. Enjoy.

101 ways to be more productive

  1. Make a list of your tasks for the day.
  2. Check your agenda for the next few weeks.
  3. Use an app to keep track of your checklist.
  4. Set up reminders for meetings and tasks.
  5. Prepare all the materials that you need.
  6. Set your mobile phone to silent or vibrate-only mode.
  7. Have a personal SIM and a work SIM.
  8. Choose neutral ringtones. Short message and reminder ringtones are best.
  9. Manage your e-mail settings.
  10. Proper work space setup.
  11. Check your tools and equipment.
  12. If you didn’t do so the day before, tidy up.
  13. Distribute data and supplies.
  14. Check the evening news the day before.
  15. Eat a hearty breakfast.
  16. Prepare everything you need the day after.
  17. Have the proper mindset for work
  18. Send out tomorrow’s work today.
  19. Check your in-boxes regularly, not frequently.
  20. If possible, set an inbox notification sound.
  21. Focus!
  22. One task at a time.
  23. Learn and use short-cut commands.
  24. Get it right the first time, every time.
  25. Identify the time of the day where you are at peak performance.
  26. Take notes.
  27. Tackle everything during the meeting.
  28. Clear your mind as needed.
  29. Get up and stretch regularly.
  30.  Complete communication tasks as early as possible.
  31. Close all programs and browser tabs or windows that don’t have something to do with work.
  32. Bookmark useful sites.
  33. Organize your bookmarks.
  34. Prioritize work as needed.
  35. Install a good antivirus program.
  36. Scan all files that you load onto your computer.
  37. Keep your virus definitions up-to-date.
  38. Keep your private info private.
  39. Minimize open windows and applications
  40. Save regularly.
  41. Ask for UPS, or get a small one for yourself.
  42. Keep regular backups.
  43. Keep detailed information on backups.
  44. Keep records and store them properly.
  45. Perform regular maintenance for your work computer.
  46. Assign priorities
  47. Don’t procrastinate.
  48. Let yourself be seen.
  49. Organize productivity contests
  50. Propagate communiqués
  51. Update your agenda or schedules as needed.
  52. Maintain good relationships at work.
  53. Don’t seek entertainment during your work time.
  54. Don’t distract yourself.
  55. Don’t let others distract you.
  56. Don’t download and install with abandon.
  57. Don’t stream videos or download using the company bandwidth.
  58. Don’t visit websites other than reference and work-related websites.
  59. Don’t socialize during work.
  60. Don’t meet someone out of the blue.
  61. Put away your tools and equipment.
  62. Shut down your computer.
  63. If you need to leave your computer running, turn off the monitor and use an automatic shut-down application.
  64. Tidy up your workspace.
  65.  Lock up.
  66. Review your work at the end of the day.
  67. Pat yourself on the back.
  68. Find a way to unwind after work.
  69. Put some good music on.
  70. Get out of bed before the rest of the world.
  71. Do not drink your stress away.
  72. Perform regular maintenance on all tools and equipment.
  73. Find out if anything has expired.
  74. Check for discrepancies in inventory.
  75. Mix in with the right crowd.
  76. Perform financial audits.
  77. Find time to exercise.
  78. Get some well-deserved R & R.
  79. Get enough sleep.
  80. Make yourself comfortable.
  81. Stay “electronic.”

Things That Home-Based Workers Can Do

  1. Establish a routine.
  2. Find out when you are most ready for work.
  3. Plan ahead of work.
  4. Itemize your workload.
  5. Tell friends and family that you are on work mode.
  6. Focus but not on social networking sites.
  7. Track your progress.
  8. Set-up a home office or a separate space for work.
  9. Outsource some of the work.
  10. Buddy up and check on each other.
  11. Invest in sound and reliable technology.
  12. Modern conveniences are your best friends.
  13. Take frequent and short breaks.
  14. Dress for the occasion.
  15. If you are not up to it, STOP.
  16. Quantity or quality?
  17. Do not burn yourself out.
  18. Get a change of scenery.
  19. Suit yourself.
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