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5 benefits of Live Online Learning

1.   Participants can be anywhere

If you have people all around the country or even the world, Live Instructor led Online Learning is for you! Training in new software, or new procedures and processes can be rolled out to everyone in a much shorter time frame.

2.   Any device

Learning can take place on any device, a desktop computer, laptop, tablet and even a smartphone. Windows or Mac operating system, makes little difference. All that’s needed is a good internet connection and a headset with a microphone so that you participants can interact.

3.   Helps save the planet

You are helping the planet by minimizing travel arrangements. Think of all that fuel (and travel time) being saved and everything that goes with it.

4.   Improves the bottom line

Following on from the points above. No travel costs, no accommodation costs. Shorter sessions online mean no unnecessary time away from the office. No travel time. Think what all that costs on top of the cost of the training itself!


5.   Familiar surroundings

From the comfort of your desk, if you are working from home or even sitting in the park, you can join an online session from familiar surroundings which help you relax.

[callout]So, next time you want to roll out a new version of your software, or a new process, talk to us first. Let us see how we can help you reap these 5 benefits of online learning.[/callout]

Shelley Fishel

Shelley Fishel is a Certified Online Learning Facilitator, and holds the Certificate in Design of Online Learning through the Learning and Performance Institute as well as being an MCT

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