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5 online office suites that help increase performance

5 online office suites that help increase performanceOne way to increase team performance and make work life easier and make you more productive is to use a cloud-based office suite.

With the modern working world the way it is, it makes sense to use a product that you can access from anywhere using any device. Many devices and cloud based office suites sync between devices making it easy for up to the minute data and reports to be readily available for all of your team.

There are many different online office suits today that you can choose from. The tried and true favourites as well as the new and open source versions. Which one you need will depend on your budget and your team’s needs.

One thing is clear though, ending your connection with the office is a key to increasing productivity for most employees.

Microsoft Office 365 for Business — The office programs you know and love (and if you don’t love them, get in touch and book a training surgery), based in the cloud. You can pay a monthly fee and have always updated cloud based software that is also native on your computer.

Office 365 allows you to collaborate both with your team and clients in real time, and save documents using their online space called OneDrive. No more worrying about expensive upgrades either. — Using Zoho offers you may products from online bookkeeping, to an entire office suite. You can use as little or as much as you want and it integrates with Google Drive. Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet and Zoho Show are all full featured versions of the software you’re used to using. Zoho offers over 20 Business Productivity and collaborative applications and tools that are made to work together. Possibly suited more to the small business owner than a large office, but over 10 million users love using it. is also compatible with Microsoft Sharepoint.

Google Apps for Business —  Google apps offers a full office suite as well as collaboration sharing, file storage and more all in one easy to use location based on your Google Business Account. You still have to have some sort of native document creators though, so it’s not an all in one solution like the others, you’ll still need to buy MS Office (or Open Source software) to use the all that comes in the Google Apps for business bundle.. — ThinkFree is a cloud based system where you can manage all your documents, spreadsheets and presentations from any computer and plays nice with other office software suits. Today it’s a good idea to keep everything backed up on the cloud and this is an very affordable option no matter what sized business you have.

iWork for iCloud — If you are a Mac lover there is an online office suite for you too. It works with the office suite that comes with your Mac in a cloud-based environment. When you sign up you get plenty of storage and can buy more if you need it. It’s okay if your clients don’t use a Mac too, you can still share with them.

There are clear advantages to using a cloud-based office suite, especially one that works well.

Try them out and use the one that is the most simple for you to understand. In many cases that’s going to end up being Microsoft Office 365 for Business because we are almost all familiar with it and it works on any operating system including a Mac.

Online office suites allow you to collaborate efficiently, avoid passing documents through email (only to get lost), and work from anywhere including the train to a client’s office if needed. This enables you to be more creative and increase your work performance instead of always wasting time looking for final documents, conversations, and more.

What office suites do you use to increase employee performance?



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