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7 great tips, before you sign IT contracts

Category: IT Systems

Today’s guest blog is by Francis West of Westtek 7 Tips about signing up for IT services You were impressed by the sales team of your IT provider and signed on the dotted line. Price was good. Service was good – but what about the automatic renewal clause. Just another of the many terms and […]

Slow internet costing me money?

Slow internet costing me money? Is your internet connection behind the times? The modern business environment relies on being seamlessly interconnected. Individuals communicate via a company network, which reaches across the internet to suppliers’ and customers’ networks, allowing data to be transferred without delay or interruption. But what happens when your technology lags behind the […]

Is free antivirus good for your PCs’ health?

Category: IT Systems

Is free antivirus good for your PCs’ health? What’s the point of paying for antivirus software when you can easily download it for nothing? After all, the free products appear to offer all the important protection you would need – antivirus and firewall – so paying for it seems pointless. But wait a minute. Would […]

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