Get that email filed!

When getting your inbox under control it is important to create some folders to file your email into. Here is how.

This tip is for Outlook 2007 Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013

The quickest way to create a folder is to use the right-click.

  1. Right Click on the parent folder (the Inbox here)
  2. Then click on the Create new folder option
Create a folder in Outlook

Right Click to create a folder








Then name the folder

Name the folder

Type a name





Once you press Enter the name will be fixed

Now to file those emails

There are several ways to file email – in this tip we will focus on a simple drag and drop.

Click on the email you wish to file and drag it to the folder you want to put it in.


Do you have a folder structure in Outlook?

Shelley Fishel






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