How great documents help foster pride in your company

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When you send information out of your company you make sure that it looks fantastic. You have invested in a house style guide and your staff know that this is to be followed.


The house style is there to do two things –

        1. Present a great external impression to your clients and customers
        2. To engender pride in your company by your staff

Lets take number 1. 

Of course you want all your external communications to look great. This is what your customer expects. This is one of the influencing factors for choosing you in the first place. It is part of your brand.

But what about number 2. 

The internal documents that you send around your company.  These should be just as important. By fostering a cohesive brand message your staff understand subliminally what you stand for and will take much more care overall in all communications.

If you don’t teach your staff to do this – how will they know what you expect of them?

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