How to print Headings in Microsoft Excel

Print Headings in Microsoft Excel 2013

There are times when you may have a very long list and you would like the header to print on every page.   You know, you print the list out and on pages 2,3,4 etc it becomes impossible to see what the columns are.   Enter Print Titles.

Print your titles on every page










  1. Click on Print Titles
  2. Click into Rows to repeat at top
  3. If you want to repeat a column or two select them as well in Columns to repeat at left
  4. Click OK

See column headings print











Here on Page 2 you can see the Column Headers are showing in Print Preview

Print Columns to Repeat with Titles

Just like printing the header row on each page, you may wish to print the first column on every page too.

Print the first column on every page










  1. Click on Print Titles
  2. Click into Columns to Repeat at left
  3. Select the column you wish to print

Now the column you selected will be printed on every page.

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This topic has been taken from my free eBook on Microsoft Excel 2013 Core : Intro which can be downloaded here:












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4 Responses to "How to print Headings in Microsoft Excel"
  1. Anita

    Very helpful tip Shelley. Thank you.
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  2. Fiona Sefton says:

    Wow, thank you that’s just what I need for my annual accounts spreadsheets.

  3. Very useful, thank you Shelley, I’m learning so many useful tips from your posts.
    Angela Boothroyd recently posted…Jargon words and phrasesMy Profile

  4. Judy

    Gosh, I never knew that. Thanks.
    Judy recently posted…How To Be A Jump-Jiving Free-From GrannyMy Profile

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