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Outloook.com is the new Hotmail. If you have a Hotmail account you may be asked if you would like to change to Outlook.com. I would recommend it!

Mail - Outlook.com


With Outlook.com you get a version of Outlook online. It looks like Outlook and behaves like Outlook. Alongside that you can set up Outlook on your computer to access your Outlook.com account. Outlook.com is like having an online Exchange account. It is always up to date. You can also pick up your email from wherever you are so long as you have a web connection. Create your own folders and file your email as you go. It is really easy to use.

Outlook.com CalendarCalendar

Have an online calendar that you can share with other people or make public. It is easy to use and can be viewed by Day, Week or Month.  Again if you connect to Outlook on your own computer the calendars will stay in sync.

People on Outlook.com


This is where your contacts live.  You can connect to Facebook, Twitter, Google Contacts or LinkedIn contacts.  See all of them in one place. Email them directly from within Outlook.com or from your PC.

Online storage with SkydriveSkyDrive

With Outlook.com you automatically qualify for a Skydrive account. You can access this with the same log in information that you use to log in to Outlook.com. With Skydrive you can store your documents on line and you can edit them online right there in your browser. Share your folders or your documents with others so that you can collaborate too.

All in all Outlook.com gives you so much more than just an online email editor.


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