Microsoft Office

Our core Microsoft Office training for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook can be delivered for Windows or Mac computers. We teach the following versions:

Windows Users – Office 2016 and Office 365
Mac Users – Office 2016 and Office 365

Call us for details 020 8203 1774.

Microsoft Excel

Our standard Excel Courses take you through the skills needed to work in your business on a day to day basis. We deliver Microsoft Excel training for both Windows and Mac users. …

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Microsoft Outlook

Our standard Outlook Essentials course will enable you to manage your email, calendar and tasks more efficiently and save you hours in your working week. We deliver our Microsoft Outlook course for …

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Microsoft PowerPoint

Our standard Microsoft PowerPoint courses will enable you to create stunning presentations. We deliver our Microsoft PowerPoint training courses for both Windows and Mac users. Windows – …

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Microsoft Word

Our standard Microsoft Word training courses walk you through all you need to know to create beautiful documents and speed up how you do so. We deliver our Microsoft Word training courses …

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Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access Training Essentials – Database Our Microsoft Access Training courses are designed to take you through the stages of building a database. Starting with the Essentials course and …

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Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project Training Essentials Who should attend? Anyone who has not used MS Project before and who is presently working in a Project Management role or hoping to instigate a Project …

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Microsoft Visio

Who Should Attend Microsoft Visio Training? Anyone who has never used Microsoft Visio before and who wants to gain an understanding of how to use its main tools and features. Requirements No …

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