Microsoft Visio Training

Who should attend Microsoft Visio training?

Anyone who has never used Microsoft Visio before and who wants to gain an understanding of how to use its main tools and features.


No experience of Microsoft Visio is required; however, delegates should be familiar with other Windows applications such as Microsoft Office.


Course aim:  To get up to speed with Microsoft Visio and learn how to create process diagrams, flowcharts and organisational charts.

What you will learn :

  • Understand the layout of the drawing window and the Microsoft Visio environment
  • Identify master shapes and stencils
  • Select, manipulate and copy basic objects
  • Position and add text using the text block tool
  • Understand how to connect shapes using Autoconnect, point to point and shape to shape connections
  • Troubleshoot connections using alignment and distribution options
  • Create process flowcharts using “swim lanes”
  • Use foreground and background pages to produce consistent page layouts
  • Create hyperlinks between pages and save your drawings as a PDF
  • Develop organisation charts over single and multiple pages
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