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Our face to face courses take place in your office, and we can use your documents too. Run one of our pre-designed courses or a bespoke course and see your staff productivity sky-rocket.

How much time do your staff spend trying to work out what to do, then disturbing a colleague to find the answer costing both staff time, which could be better spent on getting things done and ultimately improving the bottom line?

Take a look at our Full Day or Half Day  onsite courses and then give us a call to book yours.

Get your staff working smarter, not harder today.

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On-site Training Delivery Policy

The IT Training Surgery delivers all IT Training at the client site. The client must ensure that a suitable room is available for training and has enough space to accommodate the number of attendees. Each attendee must have:

  • A computer on which to participate fully
  • Freedom from interruption during the training
  • Time to practice the skills learned after the training

In the event that the client requires training to be off-site, training room hire costs are added to the total cost of the course.

All trainers who work with The IT Training Surgery are qualified as trainers and hold a training or teaching qualification