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Welcome to The 7 Day Working Week

Category: IT Training Blog

Welcome to The 7 Day Working Week It was meant to be that we all worked less and had more time for family and leisure – but it seems the reality is heading in the other direction. New research reveals workers in the UK are putting in significant extra hours at the office as a […]

7 Steps to Online Collaboration Success

Category: IT Training Blog

7 Steps to Online Collaboration Success Companies with employees who work from home understand that online collaboration is essential for making this arrangement succeed. Recent surveys have suggested three out of every five staff who work from home find they are more productive away from the office than in it. Other studies say more than […]

The Balancing Act For Improving Productivity

Category: IT Training Blog

The Balancing Act For Improving Productivity New research suggests a lack of flexibility is killing productivity in the UK. Companies may need to attempt a careful balancing act if they are to get the best out of their employees. The What’s Killing UK Productivity report reveals distinctions between highly engaged staff and workers with low […]

Are Workplaces Prepared For Flexible Working?

Category: IT Training Blog

Today’s Guest Blog is brought to you courtesy of Mark Williams of Pensar IT – one of our partners – an IT support company based in Central London. The global landscape of work is changing dramatically. As our economies grow, businesses will need to be agile and responsive to new demands from consumers and employees. It is […]

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