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Outlook 365 FOR MAC

Outlook 365 FOR MAC Last week Microsoft announced the release of a new version of Oultook for the Mac. If you are a Mac Office user, you may have been using Outlook 2011 which came bundled with MacOffice 2011. I am a sucker for new versions of the software, always looking out for what is […]

Planning = Increased Efficiency = Profit

Category: IT Training Blog

This weeks guest blog is by Helen Winder Planning = Increased Efficiency = Profit  Chaos …. what chaos? Chaos only rules if you do not plan! By making simple changes of attitude and habit to the way you approach your daily tasks can bring big rewards. Create a daily plan, and map out your day so […]

Why should I change my processes?

Category: IT Training Blog

You really don’t need wings and a halo to get your processes right. No-one deliberately sets out to miss customer expectations. Yet many firms do just that. Why? Oftentimes, it’s simply down to process and process management. Processes can be the last thing to receive attention– though the first reason you fail. They are the […]

The Importance of Business Process

Category: IT Training Blog

This weeks guest blog is brought to you by Helen Winder The Importance of Business Processes When you are looking for a different outcome, think about what you do and change it. Too often we think about the detail. We look at the activity we are involved with and try to find a better way […]

Networking with credibility

Category: IT Training Blog

Guest Blogs I have a fantastic network of people around me who help me with different aspects of my business life. They all form part of my Business Process and I find a supportive network invaluable.  I am proud that a few of my most trusted contacts have agreed to write a guest blog post […]

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