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Blog Roundup Week 2

What did you miss during week 2 of the 30 day challenge? Here is a blog roundup of week 2 – ready for reading – enjoy and remember to give us a call to discuss your organisation’s learning needs.

How can an employee get their work done in less time?

Find out how Jennifer learned to get more work done in less time.

Would you like to end your outlook overwhelm?

Last Tuesday I asked for volunteers to help me practice a session that I am presenting at Office 2014* called End Your Outlook Overwhelm. Ben and Richard rose to the challenge and joined me for an hour. Thanks Ben and Richard!

Why commission a Learning Needs Analysis?

What is the point of sending lots of people away on a day’s training when they all have different learning needs. Find out why it is important to run a Learning Needs Analysis before rolling out a training plan.

Why did Ed use Online training courses to boost his skills with Microsoft Office?

See why Ed decided that using our online training courses for Microsoft Office was such a good idea.

How to create a calendar group in Microsoft Outlook 2013

Our Friday Tip this week, focusses on creating a calendar group in Outlook so that you can open a whole bunch of calendars at the same time.

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