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Blog roundup week 3

Blog round upBlog Roundup Week 3

If you are just joining me and have not landed here before, you may not be aware that I undertook a 30 day blogging challenge. You have arrived at Day 21 and here is a summary of the last week.

Your brand is your flag

Why training your staff how to use your brand style is really important.

How can Matt find joy in analysing Data with Excel?

When analysing Excel there are so many ways to do things more quickly, read how Matt saved time with Subtotals.

What our clients say about us

A short blog showing what our clients think. A few testimonials.

Testimonial for my book

Here is a testimonial that I received this week via LinkedIn.  DK downloaded my book and is using it to train his colleagues. Read what he had to say.

How to sort data in Microsoft Excel 2013

The Friday Tip – learn about sorting in Excel 2013

Look out for more blogs this week 🙂

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