PowerPoint HotKeys Infographic

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PowerPoint Hot-keys – or short cut keys Here is an infographic showing the A-Z of PowerPoint hot keys. Learn these key board short cuts to make working much faster. These shortcuts are for Windows users. If you are a Mac user, substitute the Command key for the Control key.           Let […]

Create a Column Chart in Excel

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Create a Column Chart in Excel At Coffee Island which is a chain of coffee shops we have a spreadsheet with weekly takings. In order to show stakeholders what this looks like in a chart format, I need to create a chart. In this short video tutorial you will learn how to create a columnar […]

Create your own Ribbon in Excel

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Create your own Ribbon – with your own groups and icons Why would you want to have your own Ribbon? Perhaps you notice that you are jumping all over the show between the Ribbon tabs and that you only use a few icons from each Ribbon. It would be handy to have your own customised […]

Find the Average Minimum or Maximum in Excel

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Find the Average Minimum or Maximum Excel When working we often have long lists of figures in a spreadsheet. If you have a list of shops that sold coffee you might want to find out which was the smallest sales figure in the list, or perhaps you want to find out what the average sales is […]

7 Steps to Online Collaboration Success

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7 Steps to Online Collaboration Success Companies with employees who work from home understand that online collaboration is essential for making this arrangement succeed. Recent surveys have suggested three out of every five staff who work from home find they are more productive away from the office than in it. Other studies say more than […]

Video Tip: Format Painter in Excel 2010

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Format Painter in Excel Most people who know about Format Painter think of it in relation to Microsoft Word. They don’t realise that there is a Format Painter option in Microsoft Excel as well. Not only that, it exists whether you are using Excel on Windows or Mac. The video tutorial below shows you how […]

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