using customer surveys

Are You Asking the Right Question First?

Category: Commentary

Do you use customer surveys?  Are you thinking of doing them – or more of them?  If so, you might find this research helpful and slightly surprising. If you do use surveys, it may be to measure customer satisfaction, identify areas for improvement or simply give people a chance to let off steam.  Typically, the […]

how to make your organistation secure

The Top 5 Worst Passwords

Category: Online Security

Please tell me you don’t use any of these five worst passwords, according to SplashData’s research for 2015. 1.     123456 2.     password 3.     12345678 4.     qwerty 5.     12345 Yes, we can all have a little laugh at those who used any of these or similar passwords.  But it’s no joke if it happens to be […]

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