Make a great first impression

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When you go to a meeting or a party, you take pains to make sure you are looking your best. If you are female, you probably have your hair done, wear your best colours and favourite lipstick. You probably have a signature look. If you are male, you will also have your favourite things, you […]

Staff Morale

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When staff are properly trained to do their job, they are happier at work. The organization has shown that they care by investing in training and this in turn shows in the way that trained staff go on to perform their jobs. Imagine that you are given a large report to write, it is your […]

Save Time – Save Money

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Organisations spend a lot of money on their IT systems. The latest hardware and software installed to make the business zing. However because most of the time the software is relatively easy to use, there is an assumption that everyone can use it to the best advantage and in the speediest way. When youngsters come […]

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