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Bullets and Numbering in Microsoft Word 2010

Quick Tip for Microsoft Word 2010

Here are some steps on applying bullets or numbering in Microsoft Word 2010.

Applying simple bullets


  1. Position your Cursor where you would like to start the list
  2. Go to the Home tab on the ribbon
  3. Go to the Paragraph group
  4. Click on the Bullets icon (1) or Numbering icon (2)
  5. Type your text
  6. Press the Enter key whenever you require a new bullet or number
  7. Press Enter key twice to finish your list

Continue or restart numbering

If your numbering does not work correctly, and you find that you are getting the wrong number, you can choose to re-start again at one, or continue a list that you were doing previously.

To continue or restart numbering

  1. Right-click your cursor into the incorrect number
  2. Choose Restart at 1


  1. Continue Numbering
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