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How can Matt find joy in analysing Data in Excel?

Analyse data in ExcelHow can Matt find joy in analysing Data in Excel?

Matt was a marketing executive who had recently started in a new London firm. Part of his role was to collect and analyse market research data and present the findings to a team meeting each week.

He loved his job as a creative team player and inputting ideas and seeing them through, however the number crunching aspect of his role was not something he relished. This was because he found himself spending more time on working out how to create spreadsheet functions and formulae than focusing on the content and creating the ideas from the results. This was stopping him from feeling confident in his own true skills and abilities.

For Matt, this was a pain!

How could Matt make the necessary chore of data analysis an easier task so he could excel at his real job?

In a one and a half hour session I taught him the joy of Subtotals! We looked at ways of totaling groups of data using the subtotals feature. Matt’s eyes were opened and his confidence raised in a matter of minutes. He learned a way to analyse data in Excel in a very short time.

He also admitted to me that a previous training day where he was part of a group, he had felt embarrassed to ask some basic questions on constructing simple formula in front of the others. In feeling like this, he was unable to learn what he specifically needed and then to do his job to the best of his ability.

What is holding your team or individual staff members back? Are they afraid like Matt that they will look stupid by asking questions that they think are simple?

In my experience if there is one person who asks a seemingly simple question then there are others who have the same question and are too shy or embarrassed to ask.

How can you help your staff get over their fear of asking questions?

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One thought on “How can Matt find joy in analysing Data in Excel?

    Very true Shelley – not only do people not like to say anything for fear of looking silly, but often I find they have endured some quite painful process for weeks or months (or even longer) because they are simply unaware that there is an easier way, or some manner in which the work can be automated and simplified.

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