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Case Study – CBW – Chartered Accountants

Case Study – CBW – Chartered Accountants  Case study CBW

CBW Accountants – Private Sector

Brief overview of training: Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced training for the Audit team


CBW have been clients of The IT Training Surgery since 2007 and were clients of Shelley Fishel as a Freelance Trainer since 2002.

CBW is an award winning Accountancy Firm based in the City of London and with 16 partners and 120 staff there is always some type of training need to be met.

The IT Training Surgery regularly runs IT Training Surgery days at CBW. CBW values their staff development and invests in giving them the tools to do their job effectively and efficiently.

An IT Training Surgery means that a member of staff is only away from their desk for a maximum of an hour and the learning is focussed on what that person needs to get their job done. These take place approximately every three months.

Earlier this year CBW requested a bespoke training course for their Audit team which ran over the course of three days.


The partners at CBW had identified that the presentation of work by the Audit team was not as professional as they wished.  They also identified that Audit team staff were not using the full functionality of Excel 2010 in relation to their jobs.


A bespoke Advanced Excel 2010 course was devised and this was divided into two half day sessions so that staff did not need to be away from their work for more than half a day at a time.

This training was delivered over two weeks in March 2013

Observed Results

Staff who attend an IT Training Surgery are able to go back to their desk and put the new learning in to practice immediately, they can ask questions and focus on what they really need.

Audit staff who attended the Advanced Excel 2010 courses are now able to perform their work in a more organized and efficient way. In particular the presentation of data to the partners has improved and the speed of calculation has increased.


From an initial meeting in February, the courses were designed and created and the delivery took place in March.

IT Training Surgeries

The IT Training Surgeries are delivered when there is a need for them and these are booked depending on the attendees’ diary and the trainer diary. They run roughly every two to three months for either a half day or full day depending on requirement.

Here is what Peter Winter CBW Managing Partner had to say

Over the last 11 years, Shelley has worked with CBW people to upgrade their skills in the full range of MS office products.
Thanks to Shelley, the CBW team is more confident and efficient in their use of these products. The training means we now have improved productivity. The unexpected value was the improved quality with which we present ourselves on paper – both internally and externally. Specifically, Shelley helped us to seamlessly make the transition to Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010, a change which could have been quite disruptive for the business


We can help your organisation too! Give us a call on 020 8203 1774 – we are a friendly bunch and would love to have a chat about your company’s learning needs.

Shelley Fishel


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