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Categories in Outlook

Ever wanted to find things that relate to a particular subject? Or perhaps belong to a certain group? I have and do. In Outlook I use Categories to help me do this.

Categories are colour coded and when used on your calendar they allow you to see at a glance what you are up to.

Categories in Outlook






 To Apply a Category to an appointment

When you create the appointment click the Categorise button and select the colour category you wish to use.





Your appointment will show up in the calendar with the colour you have chosen.

When you first use Categories they will be called simply by the name of the colour, Red, Blue, Green etc. to rename click on All Categories and then click on the category you wish to rename. Press the Rename button (1) and type a new name for the category (2).








Your new Category will be ready to use.

Here is my new Red Important Category in my calendar.






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