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Copy Formatting using Autofill in Microsoft Excel 2010

Quick Tip for Microsoft Excel 2010

Here I show you how to copy Formatting using Autofill in Microsoft Excel 2010.

AutoFill also allows you to copy formats from one cell to another.

To copy formatting using Autofill


1. Format the content in your first cell.

2. Position your cursor so it hovers over the bottom right of the cell and it turns into a black cross (1)


3. Click and drag horizontally or vertically to copy – initially it will also perform a content autofill so may overwrite the content already in the cells. Don’t panic, this is only temporary!


4. When you let go, the content is copied but, more importantly, the formatting is also copied.

5. A Smart Tag appears (2)

6. Click on the drop down arrow on the Smart Tag


7. Select Fill Formatting Only from the Smart Tag options


8. The content returns to its previous values, but the formatting is copied across

To fill without copying the formatting

Sometimes you might want to autofill from a cell that is already formatting, in which case the formatting will also be copied.

To prevent the formatting being copied, autofill as usual, then select Fill Without Formatting from the Smart Tag options.

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