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Create a List in Excel

How to set up a list in Excel

Last week I introduced the idea of using a list in Excel to keep track of your meetings or phone calls with prospective new clients.

So I thought that this week I would provide a step by step guide to setting up that list. I will document the steps for Microsoft Excel 2010.

First up you need to open up Excel and you do this via the Start Button (1) on the taskbar or via a shortcut on your desktop (2) or on the taskbar(3)


Start Excel 2010

Once you are in Excel the fun starts.

Type the heading labels in to the first row of the spread sheet – when you start it will look something like this:

Header Row





The data is entered into each column however it looks a bit odd and each column looks as if it is running into the next one.

What we need to do is resize the columns and make them wider to fit the text.

We do this by either dragging the divider between each column to the left or right or by using a great shortcut. The Double Click! Simply place the cursor on the dividing line between two columns and double click. The column will resize to fit the widest item inside it. To resize many columns at the same time, select them all first and then double click any dividing line in between.

Resize Columns
Resize Colums





The columns will now resize and hey presto you have the beginnings of a list.

To format the header row simply use the regular formatting tools that you are used to:

Formatting in Excel 2010

Formatting icons

Save Frequently

Do remember to save your Spread Sheet – it would be a great idea to save it now and then to continue to save it frequently – this will make sure that you keep all your data safe.

So another great keyboard Shortcut – Control Plus S.  You can of course click on the Save icon or click on File and Save as. All of them work, just the Keyboard Shortcut is quickest.

Now you have the header set up you can add your data to the list.

Next week – Filter your list

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