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Create a summary work sheet in Excel 2010 and Excel 2007

Create a Summary Sheet in Excel 2007 and Excel 2010

You have a workbook with several worksheets for different months and you now need one worksheet that summarises all of the others.

First set up the summary sheet how you want it to look.

To copy the contents of a single cell from one work sheet to another:

Type an =

Press Enter

Your formula will look like the one below



To summarise a column of data in one go:

Set up your spreadsheets so that they are all the same:








I have three spread sheets, January February and March all looking like this with different numbers entered.

Create a new Work Sheet and name it Summary

Click into the cell where the total is to appear

Type =Sum(

Click on the first spread sheet you wish to include

Hold down the Shift Key

Click on the next work sheet you wish to include

Keep the Shift Key down and click on the third sheet you wish to include

Now click on the cell you wish to summarise

Press Enter




And this is what the spread sheet look like with the formulae displayed









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