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How to create a Custom Slideshow in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

How to create a Custom Slideshow in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

Let me set the scene – you arrive at the presentation venue to discover that you are presenting to a different audience than the one you were expecting. Most of your slides will be relevant but perhaps there is a whole section or group of slides that you don’t need. Instead of panicking and trying to recreate the presentation to fit the audience, you can simply create a custom show using only the slides you need. Then you can switch into the custom show and present with it.

This takes the stress out of the presentation so that you do not need to work out which slides to show or hide and which to skip. You will have done that in the few minutes before you are due to start.

Set up a custom show

  1. Click on Custom Show on the Slide Show Ribbon and then Custom Shows


Figure - custom slide showFigure – custom slide show
  1. Next click New to set up the New Custom Show.


Figure - add a custom showFigure – add a custom show
  1. Name the Show
  2. Click in the check boxes next to the slides to add to the show
  3. Click Add

The slides in the Custom Show will appear in the list on the right.

Once you have all the slides you need click OK.

Figure - choose slides to includeFigure – choose slides to include

Play the custom show

  1. Click the Custom Shows icon on the Slide Show Ribbon
  2. Click Custom Shows
  3. Select the show you want to use
  4. Click on Show

Figure - see custom show







Figure – see custom show

Remove a custom show

In the Custom Shows dialogue box, click on the show you want to remove and then click on Remove.

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6 thoughts on “How to create a Custom Slideshow in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

    This method relies on using the title of each slide. I would like to create custom slide shows where titles are duplicated but the content is aimed at different audiences. I would like to ‘tag’ a slide to indicate the audience and then create a custom slide show based on those tags. Can this only be achieved using VBA?

    Oh, so that’s how you would create a custom slideshow for Microsoft Powerpoint 2013. Would the same instructions work for an updated version of Microsoft Powerpoint? I’m looking into finding several slide show services such as this one for a task that company assigned me to.

    Glad you found the tip useful! Yes you can create a custom slideshow this way in PowerPoint 2007, 2010, 2013 and now 2016. You can also create a custom slideshow in PowerPoint on the Mac.

    Hey Shelley,

    Indeed a nice share.

    From a very long time, I was trying to set up a custom slide show for my business presentation. But was not able to set it.
    But after reading your post, I was able to do that.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this post.
    It was very useful for me 🙂

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