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Did I make a profit on that?

Did I make a profit on that?

In this week’s tip, I will show you how to find out if you made a profit.

Simply put, you make a profit if the money you take in is more than the money you pay out.

So the formula looks like this:

Income – Expenses = Profit (or Loss – in the event that you spent more than you took in)

Here is my Excel Worksheet for Coffee Island a chain of Coffee Shops. In the spreadsheet I am logging the sales and expenses for each week.

Find out if you made a profit











To create the formula

Place the cursor in the cell where you want the answer to appear

Type an = sign

Click on the first cell ( in this case, the cell with the income for Week 1- B15)

Type a – (minus) sign (use the hyphen)

Then click on the next cell  ( in this case the cell with the expenses for Week 1 – B24)

Create a formula to subtract one cell from another











Press Enter

So here I have a profit in Week 1

Formula to calculate profit



I can now go ahead and do the same for each column to see if I made a profit in every week.

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In next week’s blog we will start to see how Microsoft Word can support your business process.

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