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Do you have a Business Process?

Do you have a business process?

Business Process
Do you have a Business Process?

Do you know how your business works? Where your clients come from and crucially what the steps are to turn that enquiry into a paying client?

This whole journey can be turned into a process.

First contact – could be via email or a phone call – where do you log this?

You respond and possibly send some information or direct them to information on your website.

Then a bit of to and fro a few meetings and then down to business.

Once you have agreed to work together what happens next? Do you have a process for handling the booking process?

Does your new client know what to expect? What is included or excluded?

Do you have a cancellation policy?

When is it triggered?

What happens on delivery?

After care service? Follow up system?

Do you ask them to refer you on to others who could use your services?

All of these are steps in a process and you may or may not have documentation to help.

For example – do you have a system to store the names and addresses of the people you meet and those who call?

What other documents do you have or might you need? – Booking Terms, Terms of Service, Cancellation Policy etc.

How can your software systems help with this process?

Over the next few weeks I will take a look at some of these issues and suggest ways of using your normal software tools to help.


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