Excel-ling Online

Excel-ling Online

A string of new updates has been made to Excel Online – which lets you see, edit and share your Excel workbooks from anywhere in the world.

The changes are designed to help make common spreadsheet tasks easier, faster or more powerful.

Excel Online is free as part of ‘Office Online’ or available to paying subscribers of Office 365.

The application now offers more number formats for you to display your data. Simply go to the Home tab, click Number Format and choose ‘More number formats’ to make your selection. Alternatively, right-click in a cell and select ‘format’ cells.

Microsoft says it has designed the online version to look and feel just like Excel would on your desktop.

Finding currency formats is now easier. Go ‘Home’ tab, Number Format and click the ‘$’ sign to reveal other common currencies.

It’s also possible to connect your spreadsheet to more places, using hyperlinks. You can link to a web page (URL address), to a place in the document or to an email address. Go ‘Insert’ tab, click ‘Hyperlink’ and you’re there. Or simply right click in the relevant cell and choose ‘Hyperlink’.

The updates also mean you can do more with Pivot Tables and settings, allowing you to change the way you summarise your value fields.

And when you save a workbook and then open it with Excel Online, you’ll see the same sheet you last viewed. So you can just carry on where you left off.

Shelley Fishel

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