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Find the Average Minimum or Maximum in Excel

Find the Average Minimum or Maximum Excel

When working we often have long lists of figures in a spreadsheet. If you have a list of shops that sold coffee you might want to find out which was the smallest sales figure in the list, or perhaps you want to find out what the average sales is for a particular type of coffee. The Average, Minimum and Maximum functions can help.

AVERAGE- write it like this :  =Average(B2:B8) – this will look at  the cells B2 through B8 and work out the average. To do this manually, you would need to add them all up, count how many there are in the list and then divide the total by the number. The Average function does this so much faster!

MIN-  write it like this : =Min(B2:B8) – this tells Excel to look in cells B2 through B8 and find the smallest or Minimum number.

MAX – write it like this: = Max(B2:B8) – this tells Excel to look in cells B2 through B8 and find the largest or Maximum number.

See it in action in the video tip below. This tips shows Excel 2010 however these functions work the same way for Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013 and Excel 2016.

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