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Five benefits of helping staff to learn

Five benefits of helping staff learn

In yesterday’s blog I introduced you to the idea that even with all singing all dancing software, we still need people who know how to use it properly. Imagine receiving a top of the range car a Porsche or Lamborghini without being given an instruction booklet or being shown how to use all the fancy controls!  Car Crash springs to mind!

That’s what happens when you give staff new software without training them how to use it.

Here are my top five benefits for helping your staff to learn how to use their software.

1. Increased confidence

We met Jill yesterday. Remember her problem with entering dates in Excel? If Jill had some training on inputting data into Excel, the kind of thing she might learn on a basic Excel course, then she would have much more confidence to find out the answers to how to do things she is not sure about or does not know how to do.

Jill would also have the confidence to simply get on with her work without interrupting her colleagues to ask for help.

2. Morale

When you invest in helping your staff to learn how to use their software, you are investing in them as people. Giving them valuable skills that will stand them in good stead now and in the future. As a result they will be happier in their work, and will value the fact that you are taking an interest in developing their skills.

3. Better quality output

This goes without saying. If you give your people the skills to get their work done in a more professional way, then their output will be of a higher quality than before. In Jill’s example, next time she needs to calculate dates, she will now exactly how to input the data, so her results will be more accurate. Help your staff learn how to use PowerPoint more effectively and their imagination is the only limitation. Help them learn how to create better documents with Word and your company image will improve.

4. Focus on the what not the how

When your people know how to use their software they can focus on what the message is. There is no need to spend lots of time focussing on how to present their message, they will know how to use the tools they have.

5. Get more done in less time

All the above four reasons lead to the fifth one! Getting more done in less time. When you have confident happy staff who produce better quality work, and can focus on what they need to get out there rather than on how to do it – they will get more done in less time.

Time in business is money – the more people get done, the more money your organisation will generate.

These are just five benefits of helping staff to learn – can you think of any more? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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Remember we can help you help your staff to learn – you can see the benefits! Give us a call on 020 8203 1774 or drop us a line to discuss how you can help your staff produce more better quality work in less time!


One thought on “Five benefits of helping staff to learn

    This is so so true. Whether it’s MS Office desktop apps like Excel and PowerPoint or large corporate systems, the important thing is the people not the software. And GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out) is a huge business risk that no business can afford. If people don’t know how to use something properly, the manager is doing them a disservice asking them to use it.

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