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Format Painter – Great Formatting Shortcut

Format Painter

Remember we are all about saving time and fine tuning your business process. This week’s tip will save you lots of formatting time so ticks all the boxes for me.

The Format Painter is a great tool for copying formatting from one part of a document to another. So, if you have spent ages working out just how you want a heading to look, and then realise you want to copy the formatting to another part of your document, the Format Painter will do this in a trice.

Select the text whose formatting you wish to copy

Click the Format Painter icon

Format Painter Icon in Microsoft Word 2010    Format Painter Microsoft Word 2010
Format Painter Icon on Mac
Format Painter on Mac






Then select the text you wish to apply the formatting to.

Hey presto your text will change!!

To apply the same formatting to several locations, double click the Format Painter Icon – you will then be able to paste the formatting lots of times. To switch it off, simply click the icon again.

Next week – we take a look at how Styles can help you to speed up formatting.

Till next time…

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