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Guest Blog: 5 Tips For Maximising Your PPC Budget

This weeks Guest Blog is by Claire Jarrett

5 Tips For Maximising Your PPC Budget

Getting the most out of your PPC budget is all about tweaking, optimising and improving- everything. It helps to be extremely OCD to ensure you stay on top of everything. These 5 tips will help increase the profit levels your PPC campaigns bring.

Only Use Exact and Phrase Matching

Using anything other than phrase or exact matching can be costly and drain a ton on unnecessary clicks before you even knew what went wrong. Broad matching simply matches your ads to too many searches that are not suited to your keywords. If you don’t want to chuck money down the drain, stick to exact and phrase matching.

Prioritise The Areas That Perform Well

After your campaigns have been running for a while and you have gathered a bunch of data, you will start to see that some areas will perform better than others. Certain keywords and ads will combine together perfectly to create insane profit levels. Raise the budgets on the campaigns that are performing better, and lower it on others.

It might even be appropriate to place all of the highly converting ad and keyword combinations into one campaign, and then set a high budget for it.

It’s All About Timing

The time in the day that your ads are showing is seriously going to affect how well they perform. Monitor performance based on timing, and then adjust your campaigns to only show during the times that perform better. This is a great tactic for raising profit margins and essential to businesses that only operate during certain times of day.

Balance Ad Positioning Effectively

You may be surprised to learn that being in position 1 is not always the most profitable position to be in. In fact, position 2 is normally more profitable than position 1. Find the position that works best for you, and don’t fret over the top position.

Split Test Your Ads

In order to get a high click through rate, it is important to test different ads against each other to see which performs better. This test should be ongoing, and you should be split testing ads against each other constantly. You will be surprised at the effect that minor tweaks on ads can have to the profitability of an account.

Google AdWords may be one of the best ways to improve your PPC advertising, so it may be worth considering if you’re looking to run your ads on page 1 of Google. I would also recommend you learn how to automate Google Ads with javascript. This will help you automate your scripts to ensure you are making the most of the valuable data that you gain from your ads allowing you to grow your business effectively.

Can you think of any more tips to help maximise the return from PPC?

I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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Claire Jarrett runs AdWords Courses & works as an AdWords Consultant – why not connect with her on Twitter , Facebook, and Google + ?

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