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3 Hacks to increase your performance (and boost your career)

It’s hard to equate the notion that we should be faster and be more productive with the idea that we should track our performance, analyze our time, and optimize what works and in doing so boost our performance and increase our career opportunities. Systems are not just for the business owner, but for the career minded professional.

If you can’t find the time to add systems to your career, then let’s look at the fast, simple things that you can do to make your job easier for your and more profitable for both you and your employer.

 1. Develop the courage to say no.

Sometimes, you get stuck with a task that just does not benefit your career or skill set.  It’s important not to give in and undertake a task that you dislike just to keep someone happy.

Look for elements of your role that are keeping you from accomplishing MORE and doing something BETTER and more ENJOYABLE. Look for the items that don’t belong to you, that you are doing someone a favour; look for what you can say no to and then say it.

And if you aren’t sure that you can say no, then step back, to gain some perspective and find ways to tackle the same tasks more effectively.

2. Learn more efficient ways of completing your tasks.

Training up on a subject such as Excel or PowerPoint to become more efficient is a great starting point.  Subscribe to this blog and get tips and advance notice of webinar training so you can boost your skills.

Your time is money, so invest in paid training, forward this post to your HR manager and show her what you can do to be more productive in your work performance. Paid for training can save you a tremendous amount of time and shouldn’t be avoided.

Don’t treat this improvement as a one time thing.  You won’t learn a skill overnight, but a small amount of time will give you a solid foundation to build upon.

3. Plan your schedule

Nobody plans to fail… as the famous saying goes. But without a schedule or diary, how can you know how productive you truly are? Start keeping a diary of your tasks. It can be a paper version or an online version, whichever works best for you. When you do this you’ll find that your tasks take the time that you’ve allocated them, making you far more productive!

When you have your schedule written down, you’ll find it’s much easier to say no to someone giving you more work – you can show them all that you have to do.

Try these three hacks, and you’ll find your career looks far more exciting than it did last week, and that’s because you’ve hacked your productivity and you’re now going places.

What else can you do? Let us know your favourite ways to make your career go places.

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