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How to Compress Images using PowerPoint 2013

PowerpointHave you ever wondered how to compress photos and images that you want to add to a presentation, or perhaps your web pages are loading slowly because your pictures are too large?

You might be thinking that you need specialist software to compress your photos to a size that will make your website load faster and your presentations much smaller.

The only time you really need to high resolution images, if you are going to have them printed for display purposes. Otherwise compressing your images does no harm at all and saves you storage space!

In the video tip to follow I show you how to compress images using PowerPoint 2013, which is part of Office 365. With Office365 you have the ability to download full function software and install it on your computer.

Learn how to compress images using PowerPoint 2013 and make your presentations much smaller and managable.

Watch the video and do let me know how this is going to help you!

Remember to let me know how this has helped in the comments below and do get in touch for all your Microsoft PowerPoint and Office365 training needs.

3 thoughts on “How to Compress Images using PowerPoint 2013

    Hi Julia

    Thanks for asking! In order to compress images that you want to use outside of PowerPoint simply Insert them into a presentation, then compress them as shown in the Video. When done, right click on each image and choose Save Picture As.. then save the picture with a name to a folder that you will use. Now you have compressed images and can use them in Blog Posts.


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