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How to create a Chart in Excel 2010 and Excel 2007

First arrange your data


Type your data into the spread sheet, making sure that it is arranged in a grid.


To Create a Column Chart

  1. Select the data you wish to chart
  2. Click the Insert Ribbon
  3. Select Column Chart from the Charts Group


  1. Your chart will appear on the work sheet

Pie Chart

Select the data you wish to chart (in this case just the January and the fruits and their data)


  • Click the Insert Ribbon
  • Select a Pie from the Charts Group

Your pie chart will appear


To select a different region for the Pie – February for example:

  1. Select the Range for February
  2. Hold down the Control key
  3. Select the Range showing the fruit labels
  4. Click the Insert Ribbon
  5. Select the Pie chart from the Charts Group
  6. Your new Pie chart will appear

Let me know if this was helpful

What things do you need to create a chart for?

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