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How to create and use Quicksteps in Microsoft Outlook 2013

How to create and use Quicksteps in Microsoft Outlook 2013

QuickSteps in Outlook

QuickSteps allow you to make repetitive tasks really simple and easy, tasks like filing email or sending an email to a group. Most things that you find yourself doing on a regular basis can become a QuickStep.

QuickSteps live on the Ribbon

Figure - Quickstep Gallery




Figure – Quicksteps Gallery

The QuickStep Gallery – my pictures are from Outlook 2013, however the same rules apply in Outlook 2010

To create a new QuickStep for filing

Figure - Create new quickstep



Figure 84- Create new Quickstep

1. Click Create New

2. Name the new QuickStep

Figure - type a name












Figure – type a name

3. Select the action to perform

Figure - tell it what to do












Figure – tell it what to do

4. Choose one of the actions

5. Select action to perform

Figure - move












Figure – move

6. I chose Move to Folder and selected the folder called Chocolate from the list.

7. Add any other actions

Figure - choose the folder to move to












Figure – choose the folder to move to

8.   You can add further actions to the QuickStep (1), select a Keyboard Shortcut (2) and add some text to display when your mouse hovers over the QuickStep (3) – to remind you what it does.

9.   Click Finish

Figure - finish


Figure – finish

10. Your new QuickStep is ready to use

Figure - Quickstep in the gallery




Figure – Quickstep in the gallery

To use the QuickStep

  1. Simply select the emails you wish to file
  2. Click on the QuickStep in the Gallery

Hey Presto! They moved!!


Did this tip help you? Will you be creating lots of Quicksteps to keep on top of your email? Let me know how this has helped and what you intend to do from now on. I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment in the box below.

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