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Insert a Printout in OneNote

How to insert a printout in OneNote

So what is a printout in OneNote and why on earth would I want one?

If you are the kind of person who needs to have a document with them and needs to annotate that document then this may well be for you. Let me explain how I use this feature.

I have a notebook that I use to keep track of the agenda on training days that I deliver. I need to know who is due to attend the course and I ask my clients to fill in a participant list. It looks like this:

Participant list




Now I need to tick off the names of those attending and collect their email address in order to send them a follow up email with a link to our online evaluation form.  Instead of having this printed off, which means I need to remember to take it with me and not allow it to get all crumpled up in my bag, I have this inserted into my OneNote Notebook. I can fill it in digitally (no more messy handwriting!).

In OneNote display the Insert Ribbon. Choose Printout or Attachment, then navigate to the document  you want to add and hey presto!


A printout opens up the program the document was created in, copies everything and then pastes the whole thing including all layout and formatting options direct into the OneNote page. It also adds a link to the document itself as an attachment.


An attachment inserts just a link to the document so that you can open it from the NoteBook.

Watch the video below to see this in action.

Do comment below and let me know if you find this useful. How will you use this feature? Always love to hear examples of how my readers use the tips I share.

Till next time…

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