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Insert an Attachment in Outlook 2016 – New Feature!

New Feature – Insert an Attachment in Outlook 2016

A colleague needs to see a particular document you are working on. So you send it to them.

Now historically you would need to remember where you have stored it but if it is one of the last 10 documents you were working on, Outlook 2016 now makes it easy to find. A list of the last 10 documents you worked on is shown ready for you to choose to one you want.

In a new email click the Attachment icon:

Attachments in Outlook 2016

Select the attachment you want from the list that appears – if the file is stored on OneDrive, OneDrive for Business or SharePoint then it will have a cloud symbol next to it, and you will need to set the permissions for the recipient.

Select Attachment

If you don’t see the document you want, simply, click on Browse Web Locations or Browse this PC to find what you are after.

To change the permissions for a document stored on the web:

Edit Permission

Decide whether Recipients can edit or if they can just view the document.

I am finding this feature very useful indeed!

If you have Outlook 2016 installed what are you finding most useful and what else would you like to know about?


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2 thoughts on “Insert an Attachment in Outlook 2016 – New Feature!

    I use drive to store my stuff.And I totally had forgot the browse my pc option as its been months I haven’t used it,thanks for helping my save some time and effort.

    it is an awesome and convinent feature. But the quick part feature in outlook 2016 is even more. It helps you to insert part of writing that you’ve saved, and use it while writing emails. This could save a lot of time writing.

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