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Is the lack of IT training affecting staff morale?

New software can be daunting for many employees. Unfamiliarity with IT packages in the workplace can slow down work flow, and sometimes completely throw a spanner in the works where team morale is concerned.

People might feel the need to cover up the fact that they can’t use their computer software properly. Others might be trying their best to get to grips with it, but without that vital understanding from the outset, their hard work and best intentions could well be going to waste.

When team morale suffers, so too does productivity.

Whatever business you’re in, if your people can’t use their software to its full potential then neither are you getting the best from your people.
This problem of team morale – and all the other problems that can arise because of it – could easily be solved with the simple introduction of IT skills training. With high-quality IT training, team morale would take a giant leap. Not only is everyone up to speed with the tools of their trade, they would  feel more confident with other changes that might come their way in an ever-changing workplace.

IT training can do more than just improve the morale of your team when it comes to the software they use.

The process of identifying a problem, taking the necessary steps to improve and then going on to master a skill are hugely beneficial in other areas of your team’s professional development. Not least, it could give your people more of a taste for improving their skills and adding more value as employees – while growing professionally in their own right too.

There’s also potential for your team to act as experts in their own right with other employees in your business, passing on the knowledge they’ve gained from IT training on a daily basis to the people who work with them, and think of them as knowledgeable workers. By investing in the training of a few individuals, you could be investing more widely in your business as a whole. Your newly trained staff, empowered with knowledge about their software and feeling confident to share it, could go on to teach or train others in your company during day-to-day work, without any additional cost in terms of time or money.

IT training could be the difference between a deflated, demoralised workforce and a powerful team of experts in their field – the question is, can you afford not to invest in your team’s IT training?

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