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Do you Like my email?

Likes in Outlook on the Web

We are all familiar with the idea of giving a Facebook post a like. You know that thumbs up next to a post. This keeps the post in your notifications as you get notified every time someone “likes” your status update.  Email has traditionally been fairly boring and if you were part of a large group conversation it could be difficult to work out where the real nuggets were.

Now with the new “Like” feature, you can instantly see which emails in a thread have the most “Likes” so that you can focus your attention on them without getting bogged down in the whole conversation.

This feature is currently available to those who are on the First Release of Office365 and will come to the desktop early in 2016. So right now it is just available in Outlook on the Web.

To set a “Like” click on the thumbnail icon which now appears next to the reply options on an incoming email.

Like an email


Click Like here to set the like status.



Here is a short video tutorial showing you exactly how it looks.

 What do you think about this new feature? Is it useful? Will you use it?

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