Live On-line Learning – learn by doing without leaving your officeOnline classroom

Now one of our expert trainers can take you through IT training in real time – while you stay at your desk! Simply log on to our live on-line learning space and you will meet your trained facilitator and the other few people who will be learning with you in your online classroom.

Our on-line learning sessions are live and take place in real time. Each two hour session is fully participative. During your session you will learn to use software more effectively, and with more confidence. You can:

  • learn to master formulae in Excel
  • create accessible documents in Microsoft Word
  • enhance your PowerPoint presentations
  • and much more!

…all while asking questions, doing practical exercises, quizzes and polls.

for more information about our live on-line learning, or to book, please give us a call on 020 8203 1774

Shelley Fishel our founder holds both the Certificate in Designing On-line Learning and is a Certified On-line Learning Facilitator.

COLF - CDOL Online Learning