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Microsoft Office 365 and how it can improve team performance

Are you a human resources manager looking for a software solution to improve team performance? Microsoft 365 is the perfect choice. An on-line software solution with the added bonus of familiarity and the assurance of the Microsoft brand, it has been helping human resources managers improve the performance, productivity and efficiency of their teams around the world since 2011.

So what is Microsoft Office 365 and how could it benefit your team?

Essentially an on-line office suite, Microsoft Office 365 is an integrated software solution encompassing social networking, project management, cloud storage, web hosting, file sharing and the classic Office software suite. It is designed with businesses in mind, and comes with a whole host of solutions to help improve team performance. Let’s look at these in some more detail.

The real bonus of Microsoft Office 365 are its on-line capabilities and emphasis on portability.

The suite comes loaded with a first-class business email client and integrated calendar application, both of which can be synchronised to other computers and smartphones using the iOS and Android Office 365 apps, which also support the Office software. In addition, the on-line conferencing software Microsoft Lync and secure file sharing capabilities One Drive for Business, included with the product, mean that your staff can communicate better with each other and clients, whilst being able to access any important documents wherever they might be. This means that your team can be connected, integrated and available wherever they are – so if you have employees working remotely, from home, or out on business trips, you can still keep on top of your workload.

What’s more, the applications automatically synchronise across your different platforms, you’re always up to date and can avoid the confusion surrounding document and version control. Also included in the package is a web hosting software, which can be used to build internal project management websites or external business sites for public use.

This avoids the hassle and cost of setting up your own website, and 365’s added security features means your data is always in safe hands. All of these features are designed to improve the performance of your team, and make everything you do easier, safer, and more efficient.

Microsoft Office 365 also comes with the added bonus of needing little training.

It features the same Office products we’ve all been using for years, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., so implementing it won’t affect your team’s day to day productivity. The new features of the product should also be familiar, and like the other Microsoft Office products, are easy to use and intuitive, so you won’t need to spend too much time training your staff. The time you do spend, though, will be well spent, as with Microsoft Office 365 training increases performance across all aspects of the business.

If you’re looking for an office software solution with a proven track record in improving team performance, efficiency and morale, then look no further than Microsoft Office 365. Take the performance of you team to the next level by implementing Microsoft Office 365 in your office today.

For training in the use of Microsoft Office 365 give us a call on 020 8203 1774 or drop us an email to – we are currently delivering training in Microsoft Office 365 to several organisations and would love to help yours!



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