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Microsoft Visio zooming

Microsoft Visio Zooming

To position shapes or to carry out precise work, Microsoft Visio zooming provides the ability to magnify a portion of a drawing.  Learn how zoom works in this 4-minute video backed up by the written steps underneath.

Zoom slider and the Zoom dialog box

Use the zoom slider, as shown in Figure 1, on the Right-hand side of the status bar to zoom in and out.

Zoom slider

Figure 1 – Zoom slider

Alternatively, click on the View Tab and in the Zoom group choose Zoom and then what factor needed as shown in Figure 2.

Zoom dialog box

Figure 2 – Zoom dialog box

Fitting the window to a page

Click on the Fit page to current window button, as shown in Figure 3, on the right-hand side of the status bar.

Zooming fit window to a page

Figure 3 – fitting the window to a page

Alternatively use the following shortcut key:

[Ctrl]+[Shift]+W – to fit the window to a page

Pan and Zoom window

On the View tab in the Show group, click on Task Panes and choose the Pan & Zoom option, as shown in Figure 4.

Pan and Zoom window ribbon position

Figure 4 – accessing the Pan & Zoom window

The Pan & Zoom window will usually appear, as shown in Figure 5, in the bottom right-hand side of the drawing page.

Pan and Zoom window

Figure 5 – the Pan & Zoom window

Use the slider on the right-hand side of the window to zoom in/out or use the handles, as shown in Figure 6.

Pan and Zoom handles

Figure 6 – Pan and Zoom handles

Zooming shortcut keys

Zooming in

[Ctrl]+[Shift]+left click on the mouse button.The mouse pointer changes to a magnifying glass.

Zooms in on the area clicked upon.


Hold down [Ctrl]+[Shift]+Left – drag around an area of a drawing to be zoomed in upon.The mouse pointer changes to a magnifying glass and zooms in on the area selected.

Zooming Out

[Ctrl]+[Shift] right click on the mouse button or use the quick key [Ctrl]+[Shift]+W to see the full page width.The mouse pointer changes to a magnifying glass and zooms out of a given area.


[Ctrl]+[Shift] right click on the mouse button and hold it down.The mouse pointer will change to a hand.
Drag the hand to the left or right.

To learn about Microsoft Visio, give us a call on 020 8203 1774 and find out how we can help your organisation get better results.  If you are looking for more information on Microsoft Visio try the following blog Microsoft Visio blog.


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