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Microsoft Word and your Business Process

Microsoft Word and your Business Process

Over the  last few weeks, I have discussed how IT Training can support your Business Process. I also took a look at Microsoft Excel in particular and began to see how it could be used in just a couple of ways. Now I am turning my attention to Microsoft Word.

In my blog entitled Do you have a Business Process?  I mentioned all kinds of documents that you might need within your business process.

I have already addressed the idea of a Contact List in Excel and now will move on to the type of Microsoft Word documents you might use.

When you first get in contact with a prospective client by means of written communication, you really do want to make an excellent impression. This communication is very important as it will set the tone for future interactions. Sending out a sloppy email or badly formatted or spelled letter could be the difference between your dream client and nothing at all!

So in my business for example I have a brand identity. Any communication from The IT Training Surgery follows my brand guidelines. This includes – colour scheme, fonts used, logo etc. So when I write to you I know exactly how to format my document be that a Microsoft Word document or an email or a presentation. Everything looks the same. It is easy for  you to see that I run a professional company that pays attention to detail.

I have set up templates and document styles to make it simple for me to focus on the content – the formatting takes care of itself. This saves lots of time and frees me up to think of what I want to write without getting side tracked by how it will look.

Some of the documents that I use in my business process are:

Proposal – after a few conversations, we will send you a document outlining how we can help you achieve your learning outcomes.

Booking Terms – if you like the proposal and agree, once we have firmed up training dates, you will recieve our Booking Terms. These set out what training we provide, how when and where it will be delivered and it also includes a section on what we expect from you as well as what we promise to deliver.

Invoice – of course we would like to be paid for our services and a well presented invoice is also important.

Trainer Work Order – when we engage one of our trainers to deliver training, we send them a Work Order which details what they will be delivering, when and where they are delivering and any special instructions. This means that they are fully prepared when they arrive to deliver the training.

Course Materials – every course will have a timetable and a course manual and these are always presented in the same format.

As you may imagine, if we had to create each of these from scratch each time we took a new booking, we would be spending all of our time in just this one area of the business. So we have a series of templates set up to help speed up the process.

What documents do you use in your business process?

Till next time…

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