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The Number Group in Microsoft Excel 2010

Quick Tip for Microsoft Excel 2010

In Microsoft Excel 2010 Number formats allow you to change the appearance of your figures. For example, if your figures represent money, you can format them to appear with the pound sign and two decimal places.

The Number Group


  1. Go to the Home tab on the ribbon
  2. Go to the Number group

The number group options


  1. Number format
  2. Currency
  3. Percentage
  4. Insert comma in number
  5. Increase decimal places
  6. Decrease decimal places

Applying number formats


  1. Click on the cells you wish to format
  2. Click on the Number format icon you require

Removing number formats



  1. Click on the cells you wish to clear the number formats from
  2. Click on the Number Format drop down
  3. Select the first option, General No specific format
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