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OneNote for Bloggers

OneNoteOne Note for Bloggers

Do you blog? I do – well you know that as you are reading this!

How do you keep track of all your blogs?  Do you have loads of notebooks? Physical ones? I used to have several notebooks on the go. Then when it came time to publish my blogs, I would have to find the one I wanted within the notebooks and retype it.

Now I use OneNote – this is a great note taking program. I have a Blog notebook with sections for different types or topics. I also have a page where I brainstorm ideas for titles. Then in the next section I create a page for each blog.

All my thoughts in one place

I can gather all my thoughts in one place and even get pictures from the internet straight into my notebook. I don’t need to remember where the picture was as I have it stored safe and sound.

I have recorded a short video for you to show you what I do.

Do let me know what you think and if you are going to use OneNote for blogging or anything else for that matter!

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6 thoughts on “OneNote for Bloggers

    Thanks for this.
    I use One Note to not only hold blog ideas. Also I hold bits of HTML for when I need to do certain things like center a DIV tag or add extra padding before a paragraph.

    Those are things I do infrequently and it can be a hassle looking them up every time.

    Hi Natalija – glad you found this useful. OneNote is so useful and I find myself using it daily. No more heavy notebooks to drag around with me as I always have a laptop, iPad or Phone with me. Shelley

    I have been using one note for almost 9 years now, mainly for screen captures though- but Your suggestion for using it as blogg-noter is just perfect. Thank You for the advice and video.

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