Maximise your training budget with our face to face courses

With our face to face half-day courses, we want you to be more productive and efficient using IT software like Microsoft Office. Our training will make you more productive, and you will be able to:

For PC or MAC, basic or more advanced support; our expert, friendly trainers run informative, fun half-day training sessions so that you can train more people for less money. You can choose one of our pre-designed courses, or we can create a course just for you. Please get in touch on 020 8203 1774 to find out more about our bespoke courses.

Make staff more productive through our convenient IT Training

Run in your office or home office, on your computers; our half-day IT Training really couldn’t be more convenient. All you need to do is book the courses that suit your needs, and watch as your workforce become more self-sufficient and productive.

Within a few hours, your employees will gain valuable skills, increasing their confidence and enabling them to take on more jobs – and do them faster.

Choose from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel or Outlook.

Here’s just a fraction of what you can learn:

Want to be an Excel expert?

  • Navigate around a workbook
  • Add text and numbers
  • Create a simple formula
  • Make sure columns add up
  • Use Autofill and conditional processing
  • Paste, trim and substitute data
  • Sort, filter and format
  • Master Pivot Tables

“The Excel training that I have attended was tremendously helpful and straightforward. I didn’t feel bored or overwhelmed with information or practical exercise. Everything was just right.”

Anna Maylakh- Viropharma Maidenhead (Excel Essentials)

Wow your clients with your Word skills

  • Create, enter, edit and save a document
  • Add tables and mail merge
  • Print preview
  • Select and format text
  • Select page layouts, margins and orientation
  • Add headers and footers, bullets and numbering
  • Use keyboard shortcuts and auto text
  • Send a letter to a large number of recipients

“Absolutely fulfilled and exceeded all my expectations. It’s great that the whole team now has the same understanding of the functionality of Microsoft Office. There are lots of areas of our business which will save time and look better now that we know how to create effective spreadsheets, mail merges, templates and group emails.”

Cedar Harp – A series of half-day courses in Word, Excel and Outlook

Create powerful PowerPoint presentations

  • Create professional presentations
  • Produce tables and charts
  • Add videos and record narration
  • Use stylish transitions and animation
  • Modify slide masters to fit into a brand style
  • Craft themes and create templates
  • Insert “action buttons”

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